FAR BEYOND the market standards

Zapp Precision Strip offers you a full range of different material grades:

  • Austenite
  • Ferrite
  • Martensite
  • Precipitation-hardenable steels
  • Nickel / nickel-based alloys
  • Titanium / titanium alloys
  • High-carbon steels

Having collaborated with selected, high-quality raw material suppliers for many years now, we are in a position to set up limited chemical material analyses specifically tailored to our customers’ processing methods. Our unique range of machinery enables us to produce steel for you in qualities ranging from hard-rolled and (soft) annealed to hardened and tempered condition.

On request we also offer you customized surface finishes, extremely tight geometrical tolerances, special edge finishes, narrow mechanical/technical property windows, and special delivery forms (coils, bars, spooled coils and multi-coils). 

We supply precision strip in thicknesses ranging from 0.001 to 0.098 inch and in widths ranging from 0.079 to 41.969 inch.