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Zapp Medical Alloys

Semi-finished products for medical applications

Zapp Medical Alloys is an international supplier of semi-finished medical products. We offer a wide range of product forms in many different materials:

  • Premium Wire
  • Bars
  • Near-Net-Shape Profiles
  • Precision Strip
  • Plates
  • Blanks
  • Tubes

Materials that can be supplied include all types of stainless steels, pure titanium of different grades, titanium alloys, CoCrMo alloys and various specialty materials for implants and instruments.

Product forms


Whether you are looking for implant material or surgical steel, Zapp Medical Alloys always meets the highest quality standards with its products. We are both the manufacturer and the dealer. As a customer, you can profit from our worldwide distribution network and our decades of long experience of our employees for individual customer projects.