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Instrument Materials (Surgical Steel)

The ideal material for your specific application

Please choose from our range of instrument materials and surgical steel. We shall be glad to discuss your individual requirements.

Our Linecard offers an overview about our medical materials.

Linecard for Instrument Steel

Your quality advantages with instrument materials from Zapp
  • Greatest possible variety of hardenable and heat treatable materials
  • suitable for a wide range of instruments
  • for use according to ASTM F 899
Improved corrosion resistance in materials containing 17% chromium in comparison with those containing 13%
Best corrosion resistance in martensitic qualities as a combination of fine surface machining and hardening
Optimal machining options with materials containing sulfur with slightly reduced corrosion resistance
Specially designed for rotating instruments:
  • closest tolerances
  • excellent straightness
  • highest surface qualities
High-tech special qualities for
  • surgical needles, bone saws, dental braces
  • nerve canal files, drills, rotary grinders and much more
Unique specialty materials, e.g.
  • 1.4034YK (increased chromium content)
  • 1.4028MO (+Mo)