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Product forms at Zapp Medical Alloys

For every area of application

The product forms available are bars, wires, profiles, strips, plates and tubes.

The materials for implants and medical instruments: martensitic and austenitic qualities, Co base alloys and titanium/titanium alloys. This means we stock one of the widest assortments in the world for you at our Service Center.


Dimension range:0.039 - 3.937 inch
Qualities:drawn, peeled, ground, polished
Bar ends:chamfered, pointed, centered, cut to length
Conditions:annealed, strain-hardened, stress-relieved
Straightness:0.020 inch, down to 0.008 inch on request
Roughness:up to Ra < 0.3 Gm
Tolerance:ISO 286-2 in tolerances ISO h11 to ISO h05
Additional tests:integral crack detection technology, US inspection, identity check
Additional services:Bar marking

Fine wires and premium wires

Dimension range:0.004 – 0.906 inch
Qualities:polished, bright
Tolerances:ISO 286-2 in tolerances ISO h11 to ISO h05
Additional tests:(integral) crack detection technology
Delivery form:in coils and on spool
Additional services:from 0.004 – 0.059 inch, also straightened and cut to length (bar lengths: 0.236 – 118.110 inch)


Dimension range:0.012 x 0.016 inch – 2.362 x 0.394 inch / 1.181 x 1.181 inch
Qualities: rolled, drawn
Surfaces:bright, e-polished
Form:square profile, hexagonal, octagonal and ½, ⅓ and ¼ tube
"near net shape"precision profile according to your drawing

Strips and sheets

Präzisionsbänder und Bleche
Thicknesses:from 0.001 – 0.134 inch
Widths:up to 41.969 inch
Sheets:0.020 – 3.937 inch
Conditions:cold worked, fully annealed, hardened
Additional services:water jet cut blanks

Panels / format plates

Tafeln / Formatplatten
Form:square profile or in round blanks
Additional services:water jet cuttings
Qualities:standard sizes available


Qualities:thin-walled, seamless, drawn, ground
Outer diameter:0.157 - 0.787 inch
Inner diameter:0.020 - 0.591 inch