Zapp Z-Series PM steels

Powder-Metallurgical Steel

These materials represent the optimum in steel technology. Thanks to the special manufacturing process, powder-metallurgical steel fulfills the highest requirements. PM steel often greatly improves machine service life.

ZTA (Zapp Tooling Alloys) possess extensive practical experience. We offer comprehensive consulting in all areas of application technology, heat treatment and processing. Our recommendations for the optimum choice of steel will help you to raise your productivity.

If you are wondering whether these advantages would also apply for your special project, contact us now! We shall be glad to analyze the nature of the task, show you the alternative tool steel solutions and advise you accordingly.

Powder-metallurgical high-performance steel, PM structure
Effect of the uniform structure on the cutting edge.

Conventional high-speed steel, HSS structure
Carbide clusters on the blade lead to micro- or macro-chipping.

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Z-Series PM Steels



Advantages of PM Steels

Main advantages of powder metallurgical high performance steels


1. Alloys
The highest alloy levels can be achieved without any adverse effect on mechanical characteristics.

2. Toughness
The uniform distribution of carbides and absence of metallurgical defects increase security against fracture and fatigue strength.

3. Wear resistance
The volume and hardness of the carbides increase resistance to abrasive and adhesive wear.

4. Grindability
Machining ability is improved as a result of the small globular carbides.

5. Dimensional stability
Powder metallurgical steels are free of segregations. This leads to substantially improved dimensional stability. Tools require less machining and rework after heat treatment.

6. Cleanliness
Excellent polishing and EDM machining capabilities result from the highest possible degree of purity, known as »Ultra Clean«.

Economy Calculation PM Steels

It must be admitted that, at first sight, powder metallurgical high performance materials are relatively expensive. But often only at first sight. A detailed price/performance comparison between powder metallurgical and conventional tool steels often produces some surprising results.

An example of a cost-effectiveness study has revealed a saving of
$ 12220 by the use of Z-A11 PM material.

Tool Die  
Machine Stamping press  
Production material St 37 thickness
0.5 mm
Value of production run 8.000.000  
Steel grade 1.3343/M2 Z-A11 PM
Material costs $ 80 $ 360
Total tool costs $ 4000 $ 4280
Material cost proportion 2.00 % 8.41 %
Quantities per
Number of regrinds 15 15
Costs per regrind $ 150 $ 150
Max. number of parts per tool approx. 2250000 8000000
Two further tools required $ 8000 $ 0
Additional regrinding costs
(30x $ 150)
$ 4500 $ 0
Costs of production run $ 18750 $ 6530