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Raw Material (RM) / Indirect Material (IM)

The Zapp Corporate Purchasing Management is responsible for all purchasing functions, combining the procurement activities of the Zapp Group and those of its subsidiaries in Germany and in the U.S.A.

How to become a supplier for Zapp

The basis of all our procurement activities is the reproducible assurance of our quality standards in accordance with our quality assurance systems certified according to: DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO T/S 16949. If you, as a supplier, can fulfill these conditions, please send us your company profile, including your production and delivery program and corresponding material samples from your standard production.

Please inform us of your certification in your supplier application.

Contact Purchasing

Please contact us if you are a manufacturer of products required by Zapp! 

Zapp Corporate Purchasing Management
Zapp Precision Metals GmbH
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